Violin Lessons Adelaide

At Novar Music we are proud to offer violin lessons in Adelaide. We employ passionate, engaged and professional violin teachers who intertwine their knowledge of the violin with the latest teaching principles.

We teach violin to any student from the age of 5 to adult.

The violin is one of the hardest instruments to play. Its benefits are plenty with students learning posture, concentration, multi-tasking skills, and discipline.

As students get older and more proficient on the violin we will look to lengthen the lessons to 45 minutes or an hour.

We also provide one-on-one lessons for adults, catering the structure and content to each adult student’s learning style and previous music experience.

We require our students to own or hire a violin before taking up lessons with Novar Music. This is beneficial for the student as they become familiar with the instrument and can use it to practice at home between lessons.

If you require help finding an instrument, please get in touch, as we have a great network of stores we can refer you to. We recommend that you buy or hire the best instrument you can afford to ensure you can make the best sounding music possible.

Our two children have benefited greatly from instrumental lessons at Novar Music. The enthusiastic teachers are passionate about providing a high quality music program that focuses on correct technique. The teacher has adapted the program to meet the needs of our youngest child that has learning needs in an engaging format and extended our other child that has a musical background.  Both children look forward to their music lesson each week and have developed a love for music. We highly recommend Novar Music for all children.

Vicki & Craig W.