Singing Lessons Adelaide

At Novar Music we are proud to offer singing lessons in Adelaide. We employ only the most passionate, engaged and professional singing teachers who are constantly looking to develop their musical expertise with the latest teaching principles.

Our teaching philosophy is that every child is unique and as such requires a bespoke learning environment and plan.

We only offer one-on-one sessions for singing lessons in Adelaide, to ensure no student is being held back or left behind by the rest of the class. We find students improve faster, enjoy the lessons more, and gain more confidence as a result. We teach singing to students from the age of 9 through to adult. We do this to protect the delicate developing vocal cords of the child. We recommend that the child join a choir if they are interested in singing at an earlier age, so they can begin to hone their vocal skills.

Singing lessons are not just about making a beautiful sound; singers learn confidence and poise, and how to protect their voice. It is also a great tool for self-expression.

We offer one-on-one, lessons suitable for beginners or younger students. This offers a great opportunity to learn the basics in a time frame that is manageable for younger students. As students get older and more skilled we will look to lengthen the lessons to 45 minutes or an hour. We are, however, very careful not to stress the vocal cords, and this is taken into account throughout the term.

We also provide one-on-one lessons for adults, catering the structure and content to each adult student’s learning style and previous music experience.

Singing has become a very popular choice for students at Novar Music with the rise of TV singing competitions. We encourage our students to take a holistic approach to their music by teaching skills that cross into other aspects of their lives. Performance opportunities each term are part of our curriculum. They teach students how to perform to an audience, and with other musicians.


My daughter has been a student for 4 years and has never looked back. She has developed her musicianship and love of music in the most caring consistent environment. Our teacher has always put in the extra yards to ensure our daughter has reached her potential and exceeded our expectations. Novar Music is well organised and all expectations are clear and achievable. Our teacher has become a real friend and we look forward to continuing our association for many years to come.

Anna F.