When a new student looks to you for lessons, it is very helpful to have some basic information to be able to give them to read. Having a clear and consistent policy to communicate is also much more professional.

Over time I have developed, in conjunction with my Business Plan, a Studio Policy that encompasses these areas:

  1. Teaching PhilosophyРInclude key points about how you teach, what are your main goals with your students? Who are you looking to teach?
  2. Lesson Structure- What would a typical lesson with you include. How long is it? What types of things will you cover? This can be quite broad.
  3. Fee Schedule- How much do lessons cost? Are there any other costs the students may encounter?
  4. Payment Terms- When will they be invoiced? How would you like students to pay the invoice? Do you have a minimum notice period for lesson withdrawal?
  5. Missed Lesson Policy– This is a big one. Saying exactly what your policy is upfront saves many hassles later. Our policy states “you will appreciate when enrolling in a private course, you are in fact reserving a place for the term. Missed lessons are forfeited.” This tends to clear up any questions on this topic.
  6. Extras: Any other details you feel you should outline upfront. I include information on practice, frequency of reports, certificates, concerts and performance opportunities.

Our studio policy is reviewed annually to ensure we have the most current information available for students and parents. It is sent to all new and potential students to ensure they have all the information they need to decide if we are the place for them. Enclosed in their “New Student Pack” is also an Enrollment Form. This form gathers their contact details and requires a signature to confirm acceptance of the studio policy.

Has your studio got a Studio Policy? Are there other elements you include in it?