What’s in a studio? Have you set up your own piano studio? If you are looking to set up a studio, what might you need?

I teach in several locations. Some I have more control over the environment than others.

In my home studio I like to make the music room warm and inviting. I have all of the resources at my finger tips. When I go to schools I have a varied degree of influence over the space I teach in. Some locations have small practice rooms that we teach in, they always have a tuned upright piano, piano bench, small table and teachers chair in them. But if we go one step beyond the basics, it helps to have air-conditioning and a clean and tidy environment. Space to move and do activities is also a bonus.

Some schools provide a CD player/iPod dock and storage space for keeping materials. Other schools provide a white board and markers. All of these things are helpful. So I decided to put together my wishlist. If I was going into a school to teach, what would I ask for? Here it is!

 Piano Studio Requirements

studio items

The Learning Environment: What do you require?


Whilst in my list I have an upright piano as fundamental, if the schools I teach in were to put a grand piano in for me, I would be ecstatic!

Additionally, I have other things that fall into the “finishing touches” category. At my home studio, I have student work up, music books for them to read whilst waiting, most of my music library, a music box, piano friends and other teaching resources. I also normally have a mild scented candle burning somewhere in the room. Whilst this isn’t something that I can do in the schools I teach, I feel that the olfactory sense is often overlooked in the learning environment. Aural, visual and kinaesthetic senses are easily taken care of, but smell and taste are tricky.

Music is such a sensory experience. How do you create a warm inviting learning environment, particularly when you are working in schools? Do you think it matters? I would be interested to know how other teachers feel about the requirements for a positive learning space.