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I have had many moments in recent months to pause and reflect with gratitude on the team of people I work with in my studio.

Reflecting on their professionalism, the way they step up whenever the need arises, the fabulous educators they are and the way they become like family.

Some of the teachers in my studio have been with me for a decade. We have seen each others families grow, careers change and teaching develop. The teachers I happily call friends. Through my business I have worked with a variety of people and I learn from and value them all.

Last night six of us enjoyed chocolate fondue and a chat about the year, the trials and tribulations. It has prompted me to consider how lucky I am to work with such good people. We discussed the way we provide performance opportunities and develop students’ overall skills, in addition to what might be available out there for our students to participate in the wider community. What has and hasn’t worked in the studio for the year and the exciting things happening for them in 2016.

This year I have three teachers leaving my team to pursue different career paths or to move interstate. I am sad to see each of them leave as they have all been a part of forming the studio into what it is today. I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful educators.

When I have been interviewing potential teachers for next year I have been looking for particular skill sets, availability and cultural fit for the studio. It has been difficult to not try to ‘replace’ the teachers who are leaving with new teachers just like them, because no two teachers are the same. Just as no two students are the same I suppose.

I think I have found the right people, time will tell. Years of interviewing and refining the process have helped. My main criteria was to find teachers with a passion for inquiry and knowledge for themselves. A teacher with spark who wants to share their passion for music and is a good communicator.

Turning up on time for the interview and having a good resume helped too 🙂

I’m grateful to work with people who care about their students and want to work together to create something greater than we could separately.

I’m not sure I tell those I work with often enough how grateful I am for their contribution to my dream of creating a studio of musical discovery and learning. From the teachers I work with daily to the people who support me behind the scenes, it really is a team effort. My heartfelt thanks goes to each of you.